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Collection, removal and purchase of waste

We collect, purchase and recycle waste

Waste collection, removal and purchase

We collection, remove and purchase all types of waste, including hazardous waste. We have our own technology and experts on-site. We can come to you anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and transfer your waste to our facilities for ecological processing, recycling, and material or energy recovery. We have the necessary technical and technological equipment for the management of waste types covering the entire waste catalogue.

Service includes

  • Waste collection, removal and purchase
  • Sorting and recycling
  • Storage of non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  • Waste acceptance at Purum’s facilities

We collaborate with important industrial companies from the automotive industry, iron processing, railway and road transport, chemical industry, plastics production and processing, pharmaceutical and food production.

Waste removal and purchase centers

We store, perform material and energy recovery and ecologically dispose of any waste – either by transferring it ourselves to our facilities or by helping you with it. We take care of any waste and as the only company in the Czech Republic we also recycle technical gases and pressure vessels.

Service includes

  • Transport and takeover of waste
  • Processing and recycling
  • Production of alternative fuel
  • Processing of technical gases and pressure vessels

Our services have long been utilized by major industrial companies throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the areas of automotive production, iron processing including surface treatment, chemical industries and processing of chemical substances including gases, railway and road transport, production and processing of plastics, pharmaceuticals and food production companies and small independent business owners.

Medical waste

We also take care of medical waste from hospitals and other medical facilities. From collection, transport and decontamination to energy recovery. For this, we provide all of the relevant legislative activities and consultation.

Service includes

  • Provision of collection containers
  • Waste collection
  • Transport and processing of medical waste
  • Production of alternative fuel
  • Overseeing the related legislative activities
  • Consulting

Our customers are faculty hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.