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Comprehensive waste management

Just throw it away – we will take care of the rest

We assume all of the responsibilities for processing any waste - whether you are a small company or an industrial giant. We supply collection containers that we regularly empty and provide you with a contact person who will take care of all operational, legislative and administrative activities. We take care to minimize waste production, increase your share of recycled raw materials, so you can devote your time to your business, eliminating all environmental risks and make significant profits from material and energy savings.

Service includes

  • Comprehensive waste management outsourcing
  • Creation of collection points
  • Provision of collection containers
  • Optimization of waste production
  • Increasing recyclable waste
  • Ensuring collection logistics
  • Waste treatment in Purum’s facilities
  • Taking over all legislation and administration
  • Minimization of environmental risks
  • Consulting

We collaborate with important customers in the electrical industry, paint production, water management and the automotive industry.