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Water services

We clear obstructions in sewerage systems, clean sumps, perform revisions, operate biological wastewater treatment plants

We clean, repair and revise any sewerage system. We also clean oil separators and grease traps – in car parks and garages, tanks in production halls, car and truck washes, road and rail tanker cleaning stations, or in kitchen sinks and we process the waste produced at our facilities.
We are also able to design, build, operate, clean, and inspect wastewater treatment plants, sewage systems and similar structures, and perform all related legal acts.

Service includes

  • Cleaning of sewage systems, water mains etc.
  • Cleaning of grease traps
  • Cleaning of oil separators
  • Pipeline revision using TV cameras
  • Design and construction of sewage systems etc.
  • Repair and modification of equipment
  • Non-stop service

We collaborate with logistic parks, industrial sites, shopping centers, restaurants, municipalities, transport companies, technical services and wastewater treatment plants.